Angelo Smith's Privacy Policy

We pride ourselves on the discretion we have maintained throughout our 140 year history. Our online presence is no different. We never share your contact details with anyone. We use cookies on this site to help improve the service you receive. We store no personal information from you via this website, unless you explicitly offer it to us.

What is a cookie?

We can all be forgetful at times, and the internet is no different.
To help the internet remember who you are and what kind of websites you visit, it stores a tiny text file onto your hard-drive which it can access the next time you're online.

Why does it need to do this? Storing a cookie will help web-pages load faster, and remember what you've been doing elsewhere on the site. For example, if you visit a shopping website and put something in your basket, a cookie will remember that you put it in there. So when you're on the next page, looking at other items, the basket can remember you still have the first item. Without cookies, this would not be possible.

What do we use cookies for?

To help improve the efficiency of this site, we store cookies. From these, we can tell what kind of web-browser is used to look at the site. From this, we can make sure the site is fully optimised for that browser.

This ultimately means you will get a better browsing experience without having to do anything.

Are cookies dangerous?

No. Cookies are simply a line of text which a web-server can interpret. At no point is any identifying information collected or stored - it doesn't know your name, address or any other real-world attributes.

Here is what a cookie can look like = HMP1 1 0 1715191808 32107852 1236821008 29449527 *

Rather meaningless unless you're a computer!

Does anyone else have this information?

We never pass on, sell or otherwise trade any kind of information collected from these cookies. Since we do not use advertising on our website or elsewhere on the internet, you will not see any kind of targeted adverts initiated by us.

Are my contact details safe?

Yes. We only use your details to contact you, once you've initiated correspondence. We have never, and will never sell or pass on your details to a third party. We use a safe, secure and encrypted email service.

We do not have a mailing list, either physically or digitally, so you will never receive any unwanted contact. Should you receive anything pertaining to be from us, please let us know.