Previously Owned and Antique Jewellery

Our antique and previously owned jewellery and silverware offers a constant flow of period pieces, passed on from one trustee to the next.

Victorian 1839-1901

Victorian turquoise brooch

Young Queen Victoria saw a radical change in styles. She was seen as an icon and her tastes dictated the fashion. Pieces of this era are often heavily influenced by nature, with intricate engravings of animals, plants and trees. Inexpensive gemstones such as Garnets increased in popularity, allowing jewellery to be enjoyed by the masses. On the death of her husband, Prince Albert, she notoriously wore predominantly black clothing and this saw a rise in the popularity of Jet in jewellery.

Victorian gold seal and pearl brooch

Edwardian 1901-1910

Edwardian bracelet and ring

Only on the throne for nine years, Edward didn't have long to influence trends and styles. Pieces became less ornate, in favour of angular items. Edward's wife, Alexandra grew to love choker necklets, as they conveniently covered a scar on her neck. Consequently, this style of jewellery gained popularity. Advancements in technology saw the demand for platinum increase, as more elaborate items could be made. Moonstones and pearls were often coupled with diamonds to perfectly complement.

Edwardian bracelet

Art Deco 1920s-1940s

art deco pendant

In the early 1920's Art Deco was just beginning to flourish. Art Deco is an eclectic style borrowing from many different styles, clashing garish colours together that hadn't been seen before. The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 heavily influenced design - cubism, luxury, class - all heavy players in the progression of modern ideals. Emeralds were suddenly paired with Sapphires, traditionally colours and stones that didn't complement. With sweeping curves cut through by sharp lines, the juxtaposed style is unmistakable.

art deco ruby ring

Latter 20th Century

enameled hummingbird

Trends suddenly became influenced by the media and celebrities. Where once it was a single person with influence for a long period, now it was many people, and for a short time. Fashions changed as quickly as the seasons, consistency no longer a factor. Unprecedented advancements in technology meant greater production, less expensive products and pieces to cover all tastes.

amethyst ring