Jewellery at Angelo Smith

Throughout the long history of the shop, we have made many of the strongest industry contacts, both nationally and internationally, allowing us to obtain the most unique, beautiful and high quality pieces of jewellery for your pleasure. Our vast stock is always changing and satisfies all tastes and budgets. We have the pleasure of seeing our customers at all stages of their life: from the very first signet ring, to choosing the perfect engagement ring, followed by a special wedding ring, before finally the life-long eternity ring. But our relationship doesn’t stop there, as you search for a memorable Christening gift for the next generation, and later maybe a locket to safely contain all those treasured memories. We pride ourselves on offering the very personal service of our family business to your family, time and time again - from one generation to the next.


We are re-creating an ongoing range of quality, hand-crafted Jewellery, upcycled from unwanted or discarded jewellery and silverware. We believe that in this throw-away age, many pieces from past decades are still too good to simply scrap or melt down. It also means no extra energy is being wasted sourcing new materials, so is a better choice for the environment, too. Please feel free to visit us and try on these pieces.

Among other designers and manufacturers, we stock items from Deakin and Francis.

Founded in 1786 Deakin & Francis designs and manufactures the world’s finest cufflinks. The English workshops produce fine quality handmade jewellery in precious metal, incorporating vitreous enamel and fine gemstones.

Watch the videos below to see their cufflinks and rings being made.

Ring Polisher at Deakin and Francis Workshop