The Four C's of Diamonds

There are four factors that determine the price of a diamond, and these are known as the Four C's.

Diamonds are found mostly in Africa. It is the hardest substance known to man, formed from pure carbon.

Jadeite is found in Burma, California and Japan. Most prized is the "Chinese Jade".

Citrine is found in North and South America. It is Quartz that has turned yellow under immense heat.

Emeralds are found mostly in Columbia, but also Brazil, Pakistan and Zambia. It is the most prized variety of Beryl.


Jet is found in England and Spain. It is fossilised and pickeld wood.

Amethysts can be found in Ceylon, India, Serbia, and Brazil. It is the purple variety of Quartz.

Peridot is found in the Red Sea, Burma and the USA. It's the defining oily green coulour that ensures its popularity.

Topaz is found in Russia, Madagascar Australia, and Ceylon.

Saphhires can be found predominantly in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Madagascar. It's the blue variety of Corundum.

Pearls are found in the Indian Ocean. Formed by Oysters protecting themselves from an irritant.

Rubies come from Burma, Thailand, India and Afghanistan. The red variety of Corundum

90% of Opals are found in Australia.
Other source countries include USA, Indonesia, Peru and Ethiopia.

Coral is found in Japanese, Mediterranean, and Hawaii waters. The deep rose red colours are most sought.